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Second Hand = First Hand

☆ Local expertise, buy like a local.
☆ 80% of second hand properties are unbuyable, we find you the 20% and filter out 15% that does not match.
☆ 1 stop Lettings and Management means you do not have a disadvantage over new builds.


☆ Not only finding a perfect home but a concierge lifestyle service to support it.


☆ We cover everything, and you can get anything with us.

Overseas, no problem!

– Video VR – beat the time difference

Professional Refurbishment Management

☆ Real estate our profession, investment our expertise, refurbishment our leisure activity (which we are pretty good at)
☆ Anything from adding a good coat of paint to demolishing and erecting extensions

5 year Management guarantee

☆ We will take care and manage your property at no extra costs* for properties we buy if our clients decide to live in the property
☆ A property caretaker that solves the daily maintenances of the property.

*5 year management guarantee includes calling out and quoting for contractors, attending the property for daily and emergency issues but we are not liable to pay the costs of the actual maintenance incurred.