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It all started off in a small flat near Warren Street where our founders, whilst studying at UCL, saw an imbalance in the student rental market. Panda Students was formed with the intention of making life easier for their peers and act as a link between students and landlords. Since then, we have spread across the capital to become one of the most prolific student housing companies in Central London, working with over 100 estate agencies and landlords every year to secure the best possible accommodation for our students studying in Central London.


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Full professional and honest advice from our expert

Our team will be able to give advice on any problems during the tenancy and our supporting team operates from 8am - 8pm weekday, these includes:

– Advice on the communication with the management company or landlord

– Inform your right and responsibility as a tenant

– Emergency call out support*

* Fees will be payable by the tenant

– Deposit Dispute Support – advice on the procedure and evidence

Completely free of charge for our lite services


  • Panda Students did everything for me and I am very pleased with their services, everything on time and fast.
  • Panda is the one agent I would recommend to my friends! They rented me a flat within hours of contacting them.
  • I feel like a valuable customer eventhough I had lots of requirments, and even after i moved in, Panda Students kept in touch and was really helpful.
  • The staff showed me a lot of properties that I didnt even know existed after living in London for 2 years, great quality flats and great recommendation.
  • A very good company with kind and friendly staff who can help you finding good properties in Central London, I am most impressed with their fast and responsive bookings on Whatsapp.