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Extensive Local area search & advice

– Sourcing properties from major platforms and exclusive connections.

– Strict filtering based on your background and preferences.

– In-depth area analysis.

New Accommodation Recommendation

– Not only do we establish your search criteria, we introduce and update you with new development options that could match your requirement

– New developments comes up throughout different time of the year and our team will constantly be monitoring the completion dates for the new developments and source for new apartments for our clients to rent

– Based on your personal taste and style, we can best advise on any alternative developments that could be of your interest

Never had rent arrears

– When is comes to data, with the modern day technology, it is not difficult to gather them, but what is lacking is the method to take away the undesired properties and leaving the best ones behind

– With our team’s local expertise, we are able to analyse each property and ensuring the best options are selected for our clients

– 500 properties: number of properties reviewed across London every week

– Professional advice on the price and condition for offers through our pricing analysis

  • Pricing Analysis are based market past rental values, our expertise & experience as well as the current market condition fluctuations

Move in Package - Advanced Preparation & Product & Setup


– Kitchenware, beddings and daily product can be supplied upon request

– Three packages: Basic, Premium and luxury

– We collect all products for our clients prior to your move in date and send to you when you move into the property

– Clients will receive a move in form which they can fill in the items they would like to purchase through us


Set up:

– Informing the council for your move in

– Utility inclusive packages where clients will receive a quotation and pay upfront

– Dedicated support team to deal with any queries on utility

– Broadband internet can also be set up upon request

– Regular Cleaning session (weekly or biweekly or monthly)

1 to 1 Property Manager

– Dedicated point of contact to assist and advice throughout the whole progress

– Assigned property manager to organise and monitor any legal or maintenance issues

– Liaise directly with the agent, landlord and deposit scheme to ensure your deposit is refunded

Communicate: We will communicate with the managing agent for our clients when the tenants experience any difficulties

Monitor: Monitoring the progress and ensuring that the management agent resolved any issues within schedule and up to standard

Attend: If required, we will attend the property for the tenants for any work that needs to be carried out

Emergency: In case of emergency, we will provide a call out support for tenants*

* Fees will be payable by the tenant