April 2023

【英國買樓】倫敦物業投資案例 : UCL校區重建項目 8個月改造即升值22%

投資英國倫敦物業向來利潤豐厚,作為全球房地產市場的熱⾨地點之⼀,無論是投資物業或尋找安樂住所,倫敦也是值得考慮。近年,重建項⽬因利潤可觀,令不少投資者感興趣入市。去年,Panda Residential物⾊處位於中⼼區、極具升值潛⼒的倫敦物業,成功進⾏收購重建,再透過精⼼規劃和進取租務策略,為投資者實現最⼤價值投資。

London Property

Navigating London’s Zone 1 Real Estate : A Comprehensive Guide for Every Budget

In the world of real estate, London has long been a beacon for those seeking stable investments in a city renowned for its charm and history, and an increasing number of buyers are setting their sights on the British capital. Since 2023, UK home prices have experienced a decline, presenting a unique opportunity for investors to capitalise on lower property values. Contrary to popular belief, Zone 1 – the heart of London – offers a wide range of options catering to various budgets, with entry points as low as £500,000. Explore strategic investment approaches for three distinct budgets: £500k, £1 million, and £3 million as we guide you on your journey to acquire a piece of the coveted London property market.

【英國買樓】倫敦 Zone 1做業主3 種不同預算投資機會 

英國倫敦物業市場一直備受關注,越來越多買家到英國買樓。踏入2023年,英國樓價持續回落,令不少現金買家虎視眈眈倫敦房地產市場,想趁低價入手潛力升值盤,很多人以為英國買樓,選倫敦Zone 1 必為天價入場費,但其實還只要選對位置,低至50萬英鎊資本也可在Zone1 做業主!這次分別為大家介紹50萬、100萬和300萬在倫敦中心的投資建議,分享購買後如何改建令其升值。

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