Your single best way to enter London's property market.

Bespoke service for Hong Kong and overseas investors to excel in acquiring London high-street property.


Why do you need a buying agent?

Panda Residential provides a uniquely tailored service for Hong Kong and overseas investors, offering an unrivalled ability to represent their interests in acquiring London high-street property.

Our in-depth knowledge of the market, its movements and eccentricities, an extensive on-the-ground network, and years of transactional experience make us the consummate dedicated buyers’ agent.

Panda's Local Expertise

We think locally, we search locally and we buy locally.

A Dedicated Point of Contact

Exclusive for you, placing your interest in the forefront.

A One-stop-shop for Investors

Lettings and management, refurbishment, financial services and more.

Rare Off-market Opportunities

Unlock a world of off-market property opportunities hidden from the public eye.

All-Inclusive Project Management

Interior designs, furniture options, refurbishment and remodel possibilities.

Top Professional within Reach

Take care of financial and legal taxation hassles.

What we can do for you?

Property Valuation

We use our advanced search tools and strong networks to narrow down properties based on your preferences.

Bargain Hunting

We focus on sourcing under-priced and undiscovered properties compared to the general market.

Portfolio Management

We can help clients manage their property portfolios, ensuring optimal returns and minimal vacancies.

High-potential Opportunities

We source properties with value-added or yield-hunting opportunities to strive for significant potential capital gain.

Virtual Property Tours

Besides onsite viewing, we offer virtual property tours or 360-degree views for a more immersive experience.

Smooth Transactions

We make the buying process as smooth and efficient as possible, handling all the details.

Pre Contract

The cornerstone of Panda Residential’s success has been our ability to forge enduring relationships with our clients. We work to understand your needs and provide a comprehensive range of existing and new property options based on those requirements and desires.


Tailored experiences with services finely attuned to your needs

The vast majority of property stock in London has yet to come to market. Our world-class sourcing team guarantees you the first option on what does, including under-valued new builds and second-hand properties.

Rigorous due diligence ensuring a smooth, safe, and speedy completion

Rigorous due diligence ensuring a smooth, safe, and speedy completion. Once we identify an ideal property, our team will conduct a thorough due diligence process, including fair valuation and structural surveys, to ensure that the property meets Panda Residential standards.

Exacting legal support ensuring tax planning and conveyancing adroitly handled

Tax and conveyancing law in the UK is similar but distinct from Hong Kong and other jurisdictions. Our trusted network of tax experts and lawyers ensures applications and paperwork are always expedited and in order.

Seasoned negotiating skills to guarantee you the best terms

Following a completed consultation, our negotiating team will ensure you secure the most favourable terms and conditions available.

Promise to carry through to completion

Nearly half of all agreed-upon property transactions fail to exchange, so our mission is to ensure that our clients remain in decisive control through to completion.


Changes in tenant demographics mean carefully selecting appropriate furniture and fixtures lets your property stand out, improving the rental yield.

Design & Renovation

Judicious redesigns and upgrades, such as more energy-efficient materials and fittings, can dramatically lower costs and improve the use of space.

Planning Permission

Maximise the potential of your property by securing permission to convert, develop and renovate internal and external areas for residential or commercial usage.

Carrying through completion,
a Panda Residential promise.

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