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Rather than just buying and selling, we're driving your investments towards maximum profitability.
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HMO & Block Management

We offer a comprehensive service package for HMO management as well. Our comprehensive solution covers lettings, design and project management from minor to major renovations through to tax filings on behalf of Hong Kong-based and overseas landlords.

Complete Landlord Services​

We don’t just sell homes, we are also landlords, same as you.

Fueled by in-depth property management experience and keen insights into the London real estate market, Panda Residential understands your needs and strives to maximise landlord property investment return with our second-to-none letting and property services.

Yield Optimisation

Our client’s rental yields are optimised through various flexible letting terms and active management of the property’s tenancy.

Why Lease with Us?

Bespoke Letting

Every property is unique, and so is our letting and property service. We are dedicated to matching the right tenants to the right landlords. Our London letting agents promise to provide you with highly highly-personalised property services and work tirelessly on your behalf.

Maximise Return on
Landlord Property

We are experts in maximising our landlords’ return on investment. With a primary focus on yield optimisation, our team of professional London letting agents are always on hand to help landlords get the most out of their lettings with flexible terms, including long let, short let and holiday let, which is a proven yield optimisation strategy for improving landlords’ buy-to-let income.

Quality Refurbishment Services

Regarding overseas property maintenance and repair, rest assured you will get all the support you need from our experienced and specialised letting team in London. No matter what property management obstacles you encounter, our London property services team can deal with them on time and within budget.

Attention to detail

From property valuation to letting management, our London estate agents are committed to assisting you through the entire letting process. Known as the leading London property services team, our Hong Kong and overseas property-owning clients enjoy seamless service and true peace of mind.

Through a long-term let, our letting agents allow clients to gain a stable source of income even during low-demand periods.

Long Let

Our London estate agents know how to increase rental property yield in a short period with a short-let strategy.

Short Let

For clients who prefer high flexibility, our London estate agents and letting agents will rent out your property as a holiday let for the shortest periods.


To unleash the value potential of your property, our London estate agents will provide targeted refurbishment recommendations.


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