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Hidden Treasures Revealed: Discover Off-Market Gems.

Welcome to our exclusive Off-Market Offer page, where you’ll discover hidden gems in the London real estate world. Off-market properties are not publicly listed and advertised on popular property sales portals like Rightmove, Zoopla, On the Market or other go-to places for homebuyers.

To locate off-market property, you need to know where to look. That’s what Panda will guide you to source and help you first pick at extraordinary opportunities.

Why Choose Off-market?

Off-market properties often include high-potential commercial projects, high-value homes and exclusive estates that cater to high-net-worth (HNW) buyers or veteran investors.

Benefits include:

Tailored Solution

Off-market property deals are highly personalised. We work closely with buyers to understand their preferences, helping you find the perfect property that matches your needs.

Investment Opportunities

Many off-market listings are excellent investment opportunities. These properties can offer significant returns, and since they’re not in the public eye, you might secure them at a better price.

Quick Access

With fewer buyers in the mix, you face less competition for the properties you desire. It can lead to quicker and smoother transactions.

Precise Targeting

Before going public, off-market properties are consistently acknowledged by reputable and professional agencies that can accurately locate the most suitable investors of high performance.

Exclusive Network &
High-end Investors

At Panda Residential, our special VIP team takes pride in providing access to an exclusive world of off-market properties in London. What sets us apart is our extensive network of contacts, built with nearly ten years of experience in the London property market with more than a hundred successful transactions.

Strong Local Network

We are well connected with London locals and have a strong network with different local agencies, which can provide instant opportunities and market insights to our valuable clients.

HNW Representatives

We are known for representing Asian HNW investors and family offices in the London real estate industry. That’s why we can always get first-hand information on hot investment opportunities from different sources before the public buyers.

We are investors, too.

With nearly ten years’ experience in the London property market, we have an excellent track record of making sizable deals and expertise in investing in different off-market commercial projects to maximise returns for us and our partners.

What do we offer?

Our network includes not only sellers but also buyers and investors who prefer to keep their real estate transactions discreet. This network is at the heart of our ability to bring you off-market opportunities with a wide range of property options.

Our off-market projects cover undervalued commercial buildings, mixed-used commercial properties, hotels, service apartments, student studios, and other overlooked yet high-potential properties in prime London. Based on project types, we also offer options for professional pricing analysis, due diligence, negotiations, legal assistance, third-party liaisons and other services essential in off-market deals.

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