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Our Promises

We’re committed to making your renting experience as smooth and worry-free as possible.

We go the extra mile in managing your entire rental journey, offering services that encompass personalized property searches, meticulous tenancy agreement preparation, dependable emergency support, seamless move-in/move-out coordination, and the assurance of legal backing if ever required.

One-Stop Services

Precise Search

We conduct precise searches of properties that are still available on the market through our unique network based on your individual preferences

Fair Pricing

Our search of rental properties ensures the rental rates are competitive and represent fair market value. No surprises or hidden fees.

Move In Package

Our expertise in managing the entire stack of a significant move-in means every detail is covered, from cutlery to comforters.

Tenancy Support

We will ensure you know your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. Throughout your tenancy, we’re here to provide support, whether extending your lease, requesting minor maintenance, or even filing complaints.

Emergency call-out support

As an additional servcie, we can act swiftly to ensure your safety and needs with a nominal fee if emergencies happen.

Deposit Dispute Support

We can give best-practise support to your case, document evidence and advise procedures to ensure a fair resolution and protect your rights once the deposit dispute occurs.

Rent Procedures

1. Property Valuation

Conduct a property valuation to determine the optimal selling price.

2. Promote Property

Create a marketing strategy to promote your property, including professional photos, property descriptions, and listings on various platforms.

3. Buyers Viewings

Coordinate property viewings and open houses, giving tenants a chance to assess the property, ask questions, and gauge whether it suits their needs.

4. Offer Acceptance

Tenants interested in the property make offers, the landlord reviews offers and finally both parties accept rental terms,

5. Referencing

Go through a referencing process which involves background checks, credit checks, and contacting references.

6. Contract Signing & Move-in

The landlord and tenant sign the tenancy agreement. The tenant is typically pays the first month's rent and a security deposit before moving in.

Over 1,000 new properties reach the market each week, and we work to filter out anything subpar.

Moving homes made easy.

Explore Panda’s all-encompassing tenant relocation services and enjoy relocating from move-in through move-out.

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